Fiberglass Plied Yarns

Fiberglass yarns have many properties, such as high tensile strength, high heat resistance, chemical resistance. Different single yarn supplier has different property. F.I.T. works with different single yarn suppliers all over the world.


    We have experienced producing lines to provide customize products. Just tell us what you need, we will recommend all solutions until you satisfied. 

Yarn Type         BC3000~H18(1.7tex~272tex)

Strands             2~20 

Twist                 1.0~8.0 TPI (40-320TPM)

We usually use “EC 9 33 1x2 S150” to indicate the strand, tex value, the turn of per inch (TPI) and the direction of twisting.

17 sets of twisting machine to produce 3000 tons a year.



Packing methods

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