Taiwan Fiberglass Plied Yarns Manufacturer

F.I.T. was established in 2003. We started our business with Fiberglass Plied Yarns. We are the first company producing Plied Yarns in Taiwan. With Faith, Innovation and trust as our business philosophy, we have been exporting our products to the world since 2003.

Nowadays, our customers have expanded to America, Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, Europe, Thailand, India, the Middle East and Vietnam.

In order to provide better quality and enhance company’s competitiveness, F.I.T. passed ISO9001 certification periodically since first time in 2009.

In 2008, in order to create more business opportunity and diversity of products, F.I.T. contributed in vertical integration and set the fiberglass membrane department.

We combine our knowledge in yarns and PTFE coating technique to produce PTFE Coated Fiberglass Membrane.

We become PTFE membrane manufacturer and supplier. 2014, we successfully sold our products oversea, including Germany, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, China, Turkey and the Middle East etc.

In 2020, Serge Ferrari Group, a leading international composite membrane material manufacturer, believes that there is a huge potential market for PTFE construction fabrics in the future, and purchased half of F.I.T.'s stock.

Therefore, F.I.T. became a member of Serge Ferrari Group.

Through Serge Ferrari's sales representatives in the world and the vast number of customers, the market share of F.I.T. PTFE construction fabrics in overseas markets is rapidly expanding now.

Taiwan Fiberglass Plied Yarns Manufacturer
Taiwan Fiberglass Plied Yarns Manufacturer