Fiberglass Plied Yarn

Single Yarn:It is composed of hundreds of single filament with similar diameter to form one strand of yarn, we called single yarn.

Plied Yarn:Two or more strands of fiberglass yarns are plied or twisted into one yarn, which is called plied yarn or twisted yarn.

The specification name has 2 types of international naming, Metric system and US system, to indicate the composition, the diameter of yarn, TEX, strands, twist direction and TPI, for example, EC9 33 1X2 S150 (metric system) and ECG150 1/2 3.8S (US system). Please find following chart for further information.

Fiberglass Plied Yarn


Fiberglass Plied Yarn Fiberglass Plied Yarn Fiberglass Plied Yarn



Traits of Glass Fiber Yarns

Fiberglass Yarn has several excellent features, for example:

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • High tensile Strength
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Chemical Resistance

After plying, the outstanding traits mentioned are retained, and the following advantages are provided.

  • Higher Abrasion / Folding Resistance
  • Yarn Diameter Variation (provide different finished appearance)

Therefore, through different settings of production parameter, we can develop different specifications, such as glass fiber skein yarn, fiberglass sewing thread, glass fiber plied yarn for filter bags, conveyor belt and other specifications; and can also be used in various applications such as Electronic cloth sewing thread, anti-cut gloves, insulating tape, architectural fiberglass membrane, construction reinforcement materials and composite materials etc.

Fiberglass Plied Yarn


Our Difference

The first and only fiberglass plied yarns manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan

  • Each single yarn maker has different production processes and different binder used. Therefore, although the single yarn is the same specification, it has different physical properties. In hence, F.I.T. maintains a good relationship with major single yarn manufacturers in Taiwan and abroad. That is the reason why we can select the most suitable industrial fiberglass yarn according to the production needs of customers to produce the best Taiwan fiberglass plied yarn.
  • Experienced Production Team. As the earliest fiberglass plied yarn supplier, can quickly adjust the production parameters of the twisting machine, according to the status of the customer's production process, also can improve the customer's production efficiency and yield.
  • The key twisting technology, we can process other kinds of yarn, besides glass fiber, such as glass fiber mixed with polyester fiber / metal fiber and other special fibers.。
  • Production Range:Usually we use Alkali-Free Continuous Fiberglass (E-Glass). If required, other special yarns such as Alkali glass (A-glass) or high-strength glass (S-glass) are also used.

Fiberglass Plied Yarn


Bobbin Code and Dimension

Fiberglass Plied Yarn


Packaging Information

Fiberglass Plied Yarn