PTFE Coated Facade

Main application:

  • Tensile shading structures
  • Tensile roofs

Major advantages:

  • Long term aesthetics (Tropical climate compatibility)
  • High natural light input
  • High fire resistance

Technical properties (Type V) Standards
Coating PTFE
Yarn Glass yarn EC 6μ
Weight 1250g/sqm EN ISO 2286-2
Width 380cm
Tensile strength (warp/weft) 7500/6000 N/5cm EN ISO 1421
Tear resistance (warp/weft) 400/500 N DIN 53.363
Adhesion 70 N/5cm EN ISO 2411

♦The technical data here are average values with +/- 5% tolerance

Flame retardancy

Technical properties (Type V) Standards
Flame retardancy rating  B1
Class A
Class A
 DIN 4102-1
 ASTM E 108
  ASTM E 136 

♦Other fire certificates available on demand

Additional Information (Value after bleaching)

Technical properties (Type V) Standards
Thickness 0.75mm +/- 0.1mm
Standard format length ~250m
Visible Light Transmittance (Tv) 13% EN 410
Visible Light Reflexion (Rv) 81% EN 410
Solar Transmittance (Ts) 12% EN 410
Solar Reflexion (Rs) 76% EN 410
Solar Factor (g) 15% EN 410
Heat transfer coefficient (vertical/horizontal) U= 4.7 / 5.5 W/㎡.K DIN EN ISO 6946
Emissivity 90% DIN EN ISO 6946
UV transmittance (T uv) <1% EN 410
LEED Heat Island Effect 92% ASTM E 1980-01 (Approach II)
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)
  • Certifications:ISO 9001
  • Warranty:15-Year Warranty
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