PTFE Coated Fiberglass Membrane

The grey cloth of PTFE membrane is woven from the glass fiber plied yarn, which has high tensile strength and is not easy to deform. After PTFE dispersion coated, and high temperature sintering repeatedly, it forms a high self-cleaning and high chemical-resistance protective layer. Finally, the fabric meet the construction standard is called Architectural PTFE coated membrane.

Combined with a special-shaped steel structure and stretched PTFE membrane, new possibilities are added to the traditional angular structure to express the aesthetics of strength and softness, which is called Tensile Structure Engineering. Tensile Structure is a new type of building structure, which combines architecture, structural mechanics, chemical engineering and computer technology. It is the crystallization of the rapid development of modern environmental science and technology. It can be easy to change its appearance according to different demands and combine the environment to create an iconic image project and retain the safety at meantime.

The world's earliest PTFE membrane structure appeared in the United States in 1975. It has been more than 45 years, but it still exists, due to its durability, it is also called “Permanent Membrane”.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Membrane

⇓With the lighting, it shows a different appearance at night (Taipei,Roof of Nangang Exhibition Hall) ⇓

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Membrane


Traits of PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics

  • Outstanding chemical resistance:Acid, Alkali, Corrosion and Rust resistance
  • High self-cleaning: Rainwater can wash away the surface dust
  • Noise Absorption
  • Dimension Stability:Low ductility, not easy to deform
  • International Fire Test Passed:CNS 14705-1、DIN 4102、ASTM E84、E108、E136、NFPA 701、NFTC GB8624 2012
  • Excellent Shading Effect:84%-75% solar thermal energy reflection, leaving only 3-5% thermal energy and 8%-15% natural light penetration
  • Lightweight and Durable:The weight is about 1kg/ m2, but the heavy-duty strength is about 1000kg/5 cm2. (Personnel can walk on it, during the installation process)
  • Temperature Range:-70℃ to 230℃
  • Long Lifespan:25 years above, with warranty up to 20 years
PTFE Membrane PTFE Membrane PTFE Membrane


Our Difference

F.I.T. started business with glass fiber twisted yarn, which is the main raw material of PTFE coated glass fabrics. It is traditionally believed that 6-micron fiberglass yarn cannot be used as raw material for architectural membrane, since it is hard, week and fragile. However, we cooperated with single yarn manufacturer, and developed special single yarn, which is suitable for architectural membrane use.

As the PTFE membrane manufacturers and suppliers, we provide traditional 3-micron and unique 6-micron cloth of various strengths. Through our special yarn and the skill of twisting, the 6-micron cloth produced by F.I.T. can maintain the same strength and softness as the 3-micron cloth, and it also saves your material budget.

In addition to providing PTFE cloth, F.I.T. has a strong design team, PTFE cloth processing team, and steel structure construction team. The sales and design team assists you to turn the concept into a design drawing. The processing team completes the cutting, processing, packaging, and dispatching of the PTFE membrane in the factory, and the steel structure team quickly constructs it on site. Provide you with one-stop service from design, PTFE membrane processing and construction. With the warranty of PTFE cloth membrane itself, you can enjoy the beauty of the permanent membrane structure without any worry.

ptfe coated cloth

Architectural PTFE Coated Membrane Type:

F.I.T. provides three types of PTFE membranes, all of which use glass fiber plied yarns, through different weaving structures and PTFE dispersions with different compositions, which are divided into T, M and S series.

T series PTFE coated cloth façade, or PTFE cover fabric provides high tensile strength, fire resistance, shading, waterproof and energy-saving features. With the architect's infinite imagination, it has infinite possibilities. It is most suitable for sports facilities, public facilities, roofs of factories and carport etc.

ptfe coated mesh

M series architectural membrane, also known as PTFE coated mesh, the mesh structure provides more light illumination and good ventilation, which can be used in buildings such as balcony exterior walls, giving old building a new look, providing shading and energy saving while maintaining air circulation.

ptfe coated mesh

S series architectural membrane, also known as PTFE indoor membrane or sound-absorbing membrane, can effectively absorb sound waves by bumps on the surface. If used with the T series product, it forms an insulation air area, it can effectively insulate solar heat conduction. It can be used in any building interior, such as stadiums, concert halls, public centers and other buildings.

ptfe coated mesh facade