PTFE Coated Indoor Membrane

Main application:

  • nterior of Stadium
  • Interior of Concert Hall
  • Interior of any building

Special application:

Used with the T series facade, it forms an air insulation area to insulate solar heat conduction more effectively.

Major advantages

  • Long term aesthetics (Tropical climate compatibility)
  • High fire resistance
  • Effective absorption of sound waves

Style Test standard S-500
Total mass g/ ASTM D4851 400±100
Yarn Type Warp EC 6
Thickness ASTM D4851 0.35±0.1
Tensile Strength Warp DIN 53354 (N/5cm) 2200
Fill 2200
Tear Strength Warp DIN 53363 150
Fill 100
Transmission % ASTM E424 20
Opening rate %
Flame retardant DIN 4102 A2
ASTM E84 Class A
width cm 380